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    slice 18"
  New York Pizza - Handtossed thin crust pizza
  Three Cheese mozzarella, provolone and romano $3.00 $21.00
  Pepperoni $3.25 $22.00
  Eggplant eggplant, green peppers, tomato sauce, garlic, cumin, oregano, mozzarella $3.50 $26.00
  Pesto artichokes, red onions, kalamata olives, pesto, mozzarella $3.50 $26.00
  Daily Slice daily market ingredients $3.50 $26.00
  Half-baked 16" pie for carry out Cheese-15, Pepperoni-16, Eggplant-19, Pesto-19, Daily-19    
  Sfincione - Traditional Sicilian thick crust potato dough pizza
  Marinara tomato sauce, garlic, oregano $3.00 $15.00
  Salsiccia pork sausage, green peppers, olives, tomato sauce, romano $4.00 $26.00

Please allow up to 40 minutes when ordering a whole Sicilian, we bake them fresh to order

Add a mini side salad to a slice for $1.50

Custom Pies

New York or Sfincione  -   Start Price

anchovies, sausage, coppa, sopressata, pepperoni, prosciutto
fresh herbs, peppers, onions, olives, eggplant, butternut, potatoes, mushrooms, capers, pesto,
tomato sauce, goat cheese, ricotta salata, provolone, mozzarella, asiago, romano, ricotta

.25 each topping per slice      1.00 each topping on a whole pie

    half whole
  Mista mixed greens, seasonal veggies, goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette $4.00 $6.50
  Caesar romaine hearts, garlic croutons, caesar dressing $4.00 $6.50

Watercress watercress, walnuts, pears, goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette


  Drip Coffee 10oz $1.75 20oz $2.25
  House-Made Soda vanilla, lemon, lime, orange (ask about other seasonal flavors) 10oz $1.75 20oz $2.25
  Soft Drinks 20oz fountain sodas, free refill $1.50
  Canned Soda coke, diet coke, sprite, root beer, iced tea, aranciata, limonata $1.50


Call Ahead to place pick up orders


Prices include Tax and are subject to change